With Martina Hughes & Rod Gordon

We bring the tools of 

sacred intimacy 

to create more 

love & awareness

 in the world.



men & women to experience a

deeper quality

of intimacy.

Our solutions are founded in deep

self awareness 

& emotional intimacy.

Intimacy Oasis

Introducing the world's first Intimacy Oasis.

Here you will uncover a trove of resources for empowerment, embodiment and enhancement.

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written by Martina Hughes & Rod Gordon

How Intimate Relationships Can Nourish Inner Healing

How Intimate Relationships Can Nourish Inner Healing

It is possible to use the clumsy, awkward, and messy moments in our relationship as opportunities to grow.

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Why Are We Redefining Intimacy?

Why Are We Redefining Intimacy?

We believe that it’s time for intimacy to be redefined.  True intimacy with your chosen partner can create tremendous healing, transformation, and lead to spiritual awakening. 

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The Magnificence Of Touch Without Agenda

The Magnificence Of Touch Without Agenda

What happens when touch has no agenda? When touch is intended for the person to feel love and to embrace their own magnificence?

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Our Community

Be Inspired

Follow along with Martina & Rod's unfolding journey and receive valuable insights and inspirations along side a like-minded, global community.

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Awakening Through Love

A 2-day Intensive Workshop

Create the quality of love, intimacy, and desire in your life that you most deeply crave.

Suitable for men, women, couples and singles.
Held in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

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Awakening Through Love

A 5-day Residential Intensive Retreat

Whether you are preparing for your next relationship, beginning a new one, or you’ve been together for a decade or more, we have the tools to help you build the relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

Suitable for men, women, couples and singles.
Held in Byron Bay, Australia.

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About Us

Who is Martina Hughes?

Who is Rod Gordon?

Our Journey

In our relationship, we have experienced times of crisis and challenge that led to deep healing. Ultimately becoming stronger in our union and more aligned in our values and vision.

Our relationship has a foundation of shared values, mutual commitment to growth and desire to be of service

We are dedicated to supporting women and men to cultivate a new kind of intimacy.

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Intimacy Oasis is your personal online learning portal.

It’s an opportunity to redefine what you experience as intimacy, and discover that there is so much more available.
It’s a space of lush and fertile opportunities for transformation, healing and awakening

You will have 24/7 access to:
- Online courses
- Practical resources
- Live sessions with Martina & Rod
- Encouraging community
  & much, much more!

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Intimacy Coaching is elite level, personalised coaching for you to dive deep and explore what is truly possible in your life.

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Teaching People to Love

Teaching People to Love

We are teaching people to love. Really and truly love. Not the romantic version, not the fluffy version. But to really love.

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What Exactly is Intimacy Coaching?

What Exactly is Intimacy Coaching?

At times I would feel like my heart was being torn in half... Relationships felt like such a struggle, and yet, I could feel my desire for "something more”... 

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Why Criticism Never Works In Relationships

Why Criticism Never Works In Relationships

How can we truly inspire a man to be his best version of himself?

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After embarking on my own solo journey studying various books and being introduced to concepts of masculine archetypes, embodiment and spiritual disciplines, I began to realise that truly exploring my understanding of masculinity and what it was to be an open-hearted man in Australia had to happen in a community of men.

Then, I found Rod Gordon and he was exactly the teacher I was looking for. Rod is authentic, sensitive, caring, playful and unapologetically Aussie.

His breadth of experience means he’s lived everything he teaches, and his personality and wisdom permeates the murky darkness the exploration of this work can and must become.

Through working with Rod I have expanded my awareness, developed a deeper trust and love of self and transformed the fear I held of other men into feelings of understanding, love and trust.

Working with Rod has had a profound impact on my personal, working, familial and intimate relationships. As well as in my career and now in how I lead other men on this path.

I strongly encourage anyone who is considering working with Rod not to hesitate, you will be in good hands.

Rod’s persistence with his own journey is inspirational and the love and consideration he puts into how he offers his gifts is both nourishing and exceptionally rare