Event Assistants

Supporting Facilitators, Staff and Participants in Workshop and Retreats

Event Assistants

Support Facilitators

Our support facilitators have completed the Tantric Embodiment or Tantric Alchemy Training programs. They are all dedicated to being of service, committed to their own professional and personal journeys and have profound respect for people’s healing, growth and transformation.

Support facilitators know the value of feeling seen, heard and held during your retreat experience. They are there to create safety and to hold you in your process. This ensures that your emotional and physical needs are respected and supported from the time you arrive until you leave the retreat space.

A support facilitator will know when you simply need someone to listen, when to offer encouragement or advice, or when to offer a comforting hug of support.

Logistics Support

Our logistics support team are on hand to take care of all the practical details during your retreat and workshop experiences. Our intention is that all you need to be concerned with during a retreat or workshop is your own personal process, so we have amazing support people who serve meals, tidy up our shared spaces, and make teas and fruits are available for refreshment.

‘You will be supported to experience the very depths and edges of your internal truth. You will be supported to experience your courage to express these truths in relation to others, through the retreat journey. I strongly recommend this to anyone wanting a next level experience with a loving, unwavering facilitator and looking for a strong group to journey with’

- Katie, Sydney

‘I wanted to thank you so much for a beautiful weekend. I feel really open today. Steve and I both feel very close, connected and so looking forward to our adventure to England. I woke up this morning feeling quite amazing!! The support staff were incredible support and their presence really enhanced the complete love I felt during the weekend. Also, the people at the retreat were truly inspiring - it is really such a reflection of the space you create and invite people to enter.’

- Gia, 34, Sydney

‘A big Thank You to you, Martina, and your team. I started attending your events only this year and they have helped me a great deal by helping me alleviate the negativity permeating my life. You have made me a lifelong convert and fan of Tantric Blossoming and I will continue to attend as many events as possible, for I would like to continue my personal growth under your caring, kind and divine tutelage.’

- Mundeep, 29, Sydney