Joanne Barron

Administration Manager Supporting Facilitator and Client Needs

Joanne Barron

Professional Bio

Joanne loves being a part of the Martina Hughes team! In her role as Administration Manager, Joanne’s passion for serving others and organisational capacity facilitates a smooth and functional flow to all that happens behind the scenes! Joanne ensures that our  facilitators and clients have a harmonious experience by taking care of all the details. She is your first point of call for any issues with bookings or logistics for our workshops and retreats. Joanne also frequently assists on retreats and workshops in both a logistical and emotional support capacity. Her presence and warmth puts participants at ease in the group space. Joanne is gentle and wholehearted in her approach to supporting others; she offers deep insight, seeing clearly where people are in their journey and how they need to be supported. Joanne is inspired by being part of the healing and transformational journeys of men and women. 

From Joanne

I have always been interested in personal development and human behaviour. I was introduced to concepts such as the Law of Attraction and Emotional Intelligence at quite a young age and this sparked an interest in me to more deeply explore myself, and how I relate with others. Being of service to others is something that comes naturally to me, I am often the person that friends or family call on when in need and I enjoy supporting loved ones in their journeys. I am known for bringing unique perspectives, vulnerability and openness. After a couple of years studying life-coaching, I discovered Tantra! It felt like the missing link I had been looking for. Coming back to myself, focusing on practices of Self-Love, Activation of Pleasure, and Healing and Transformation in my life has been incredibly powerful! Group spaces have been transformational in my own journeying. It is an honour to contribute to others’ journeys, the experiences of welcoming, holding and inspiring participants touches my heart. I enjoy moving my body through hiking, yoga and dance. I take some choreographed dance classes but also savour the opportunity to fall deeply into music and let my body move freely. My favourite kind of downtime is being with my sisters and friends, talking and sharing over a hot cup of tea!

‘Jo is the administrative guru! When it comes to organising events, or taking care of the administration, she is very responsive, accommodating and efficient… and always very friendly and understanding. Jo is a great part of the Martina Hughes team.’

- Amy-Louise, Canberra

‘Sharing the Blossoming Woman space with Joanne was an experience I continue to treasure. Her support and insight was powerful and heartfelt! Joanne’s presence created a sense of assurance and love in the space which allowed me to go deeper into my own journey. I am very grateful for her contributions!’

- Courtney, 26, Canberra

‘I have known Joanne for two years, both as a retreat participant and in her admin role for Martina Hughes. I admire the courage and vulnerability Joanne brings to both of these spaces. She brings warmth and connectedness to all of her communications and is skilled in ensuring that the logistical side of things are easy and comfortable for participants. Since Joanne has taken over the Administration role in the Martina Hughes team, there has been an increase in the quality and level of service. Joanne’s professional, heartfelt and welcoming approach makes the process side of things easy!’

- Fergus, 60, Canberra

‘I recently met Joanne when she was assisting on the Blossoming Woman Level 1 workshop. She brought such a beautifully natural warmth to the space and offered a generous sense of support. I was really moved by the tenderness that I felt from Joanne’s presence. During one of the exercises, we were working with our eyes closed and as I uncovered some emotion tears quietly welled in my eyes. I felt Joanne silently and gently place a tissue near my hand, instantly I felt supported and held and at the same time that my space was respected, which allowed me to continue leaning into my own process. I really appreciated the way Joanne shared her experiences with the group as we spoke in turn, I found her honesty and willingness to be vulnerable in her sharing really inspired me to go deeper into my own experiences. I felt it invited me to open and share at a deeper level. I resonated with Joanne’s playfulness too, I feel that she brought such matching qualities of lightness and depth to the space. I had a deep sense of being held as Joanne’s support in the workshop was so deliciously complimentary to the beautiful work Martina was sharing with us as a group.’

- Justine, 45, Melbourne