Rachel Marshall

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Rachel Marshall

Professional Bio

Food provides nourishment and nutrition, and when prepared with intention, it is also a language of love. Rachel Marshall is a wholefoods vegetarian chef and nutrition enthusiast. She is passionate about real, plant based foods and loves to nourish others and share how amazing fresh, organic produce can be transformed into delicious tasting cuisine.

Rachel has 15 years experience in the hospitality industry; including event management and catering. With certifications and training in nutrition and plant based cuisine, Rachel loves creating raw desserts and cakes that nourish the body and taste delicious.

Rachel works with Martina to create menus that support participants, both nutritionally and emotionally throughout the retreats/workshops. Using food as medicine, Rachel has an innate gift to intuitively work with plants to create the perfect meal for any occasion.

As a busy mother of 4, Rachel understands how challenging it can be to know how to prepare nutritious meals for our families and ourselves. She is passionate about working one on one with clients to determine their unique needs, and tailor meal and recipe suggestions to fit their lifestyles.

Rachel loves to cook food for others, but knows the value in passing the skill on so the joys of eating good food can spread far and wide.

From Rachel

For as long as I can remember, food has always been a source of amazement to me. I first became intoxicated by the exotic flavours of Hare Krishna food at a festival as a teenager, and from that point onward food has been my deep passion.

Vegetarian from a young age, compassion has always been a driving force in my life. I am curious by nature and love to learn as much as I can about different religions, beliefs and philosophy from all walks of life.
I have gorgeous 4 children who are by far my greatest teachers and guides.

I have recently joined the ranks as a crazy cat lady, starting off with 2 needy Siamese, who I consider to be walking art works.
I love nature and particularly trees and the bush. My favourite place to be is in a cool, damp forest, alive with the rich, earthy smell of life.

I love words and poetry, beauty and food; I guess you can say I’m a very typical Taurean who also loves a good rest and space to simply enjoy life.

‘I first experienced Rachel’s foods on Blossoming Woman retreat !! I must say I was blown away with the flavour and tastes I experienced!! I also noticed how different my body felt from eating her meals. I have many dietary requirements as I suffer from fructose malabsorption. Rachel prepared my foods accordingly. Unbelievably delicious foods and all safe for me to enjoy. After retreat I decided to become vegetarian just because of Rachel’s food. Since then I have added meat back to my diet, but I so wish I had Rachel to cook for me everyday.’

- Alison, 41, Melbourne

‘Rachel created food that takes your taste buds to whole new worlds. It is sustenance for you heart, body and soul. If love can be put into solid form, then this is what she delivers.’

- Fergus. 60, Canberra

‘Rachel’s food is a delight to the senses. To have such consciously prepared food nourishing me, helped me feel especially supported at Martina’s events. I definately enjoy my food on a whole new level since her creations’

- Rebecca, 41, Melbourne

‘Firstly the setting at Amarant deep in the Yarra Valley was magical, surrounded by the bush with all the wildlife sounds to listen to away from the hectic life we live. Breath taking scenery and the gorgeous timber lodge with beautiful rooms was just perfect. We were graced to be nutritionally nourished by the beautiful Rachel during our time at retreat, such a treat to be served gorgeous food and not to have to worry about preparing or cooking. Attention was paid to detail so that we did not have to concern ourselves with anything. Everything was set up beautifully and this allowed us all to completely relax and go on our Tantra journey.’

- Anon, Melbourne