Rod Gordon

Embodiment, Sex & Relationship Coach

Rod Gordon

Professional Bio

Rod Gordon is an Embodiment Coach and Bodywork Practitioner. Rod is dedicated to Love, intimacy and growth and is committed to discovering the blocks that hold us back from the fullest expression of Love.

Rod has studied over the last 28 years in the arts of Meditation, Spiritual healing, Tantra and The Art of Spiritual Intimacy, both here in Australia and overseas. He also draws on his experience as a Professional Hairdresser, working closely with a range of clients, men and women, for over 29 years. Through hairdressing, Rod has fine-tuned his ability to connect and listen to people, to feel energies and emotions in people, and to know with great detail the common challenges that women and men face in relationships.

Through his own personal journey Rod has developed his skill and intuitive ability to feel the flow of energies through his own body, and in feeling the energy of his clients. His openness and sensitivity to these energies allows him to be aware of the influence they have on our lives.

Rod’s unique capacity for seeing people where they are, with love and compassion and without judgement, allows him to tune into his clients on a deep level, to feel who they really are, and to support them to discover themselves more fully. Rod holds space with creativity, intuition and presence, empowering men and women to express the fullness of their authenticity.

Rod’s commitment to being of service, deepening in his own journey and in his relationships are the most important aspects of his life. Rod continues to study and explore both here in Australia and overseas with world class leaders to support his own personal development as well as cultivating further skills and wisdom to offer to his clients.

From Rod

Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed surfing, riding motorbikes and exploring the outdoors, and these are still part of my life today. I have a ridiculous sense of humour, a lot of tattoos and I make my own beer. I am very masculine and also creative, arty, with a rich tapestry of feminine capacity.

At age 18, I was mostly disconnected from my emotions, except for anger and love. My personal development journey started when my then girlfriend introduced me to her mum who was a counsellor. It took quite some effort on behalf of my girlfriend to get me to visit her mum, once there it took her quite some effort to get me to leave! Five hours later I walked out of the session a whole new man with a fresh outlook on life, and a different direction.

My passion for self-development was alive, I started studying meditation and spiritual healing. This brought me to a whole new level of awareness. Becoming aware of the dynamics and impact energy had on my life gave me new tools for growth. Suddenly, I was feeling and seeing life in diverse new ways, I could feel subtle differences in my body and how I responded to life.

I drifted away from these practices in my late 20’s when I became a father. My parenting journey was a path to awakening and offered me many opportunities to view the world in new ways. My son is now 16 and we still share a fabulous bond. We are very similar, with many shared interests and values. One of which is travel, we both love to travel, and he loves it that I pay!

Who I am as a man has become more important as my son has grown. How do I model being a man? Authentically aligning my values, morals and beliefs has taken on a new level of importance. Living as an example to him daily requires the fullest, most authentic expression of myself. Inspiring him to lead the way in his own life, rather than telling him how to be in the world.

My journey in Tantra began when my life coach suggested I look into Martina Hughes of Tantric Blossoming, I had a burning passion and curiosity for this work, he saw this as the next step for my development. Transformation sped up with the integration of spirituality and sexuality. The realisation of a connection between the two at first seemed foreign, not possible and almost ridiculous. Yet when I thought about it, what did it take for my consciousness to enter this human body? Yep, sex. How could there not be a connection! I also realised it was the least explored area in my upbringing and social culture. Excellent!

My journey has been and continues to be an exciting way to explore and grow in consciousness, love, compassion and humanity.

‘The Embodied Man - Men’s Training Program is one of the most valuable programs I have attended. Working as a Senior Executive, married with 8 children, I find the program has helped me find my center and balance in an incredibly busy world. Connecting with fellow men, discovering who I am, to be able to hold space at home more comfortably and in everyday life has been amazing for me. I would recommend Rod Gordon’s programs for any man who wants more from life, better connection to self, other men and women.’

- Eugene, 55, Melbourne

‘The bodywork sessions with Rod were of incredible benefit to me.
When we first started working together I no longer knew what it felt like to be me, or how to show my true self to the world (and men). Rod guided me through a level of healing I had never experienced before. His wisdom and sensitivity creates a safe and nurturing environment where healing can take place. He explains concepts and processes clearly and thoroughly.
Even after our first bodywork session beliefs and blockages began shifting for me very quickly. Rod guided me through this process beautifully and as a result I experienced deep and profound change in my mind, spirit and body, and the amount of anxiety I experienced decreased significantly. He guided me to cultivate a level of self love I never knew existed, and to move energy in a way that had my whole body buzzing, which opened my heart and calmed my mind.What a gift!’

- Cara, 40, Melbourne

‘Rod is straight up a fantastic facilitator. Natural, loving, honest and informative. The Embodied Man - Men’s Training Program has evolved into my key to unlocking the truths I am searching for. This program is for every man who feels ready to face the fact that his journey is his responsibility and is eager to learn the key to creating his own dreams. I know now that, with deep understanding of my relationship and of my role as Masculine, I open up access to anything I desire.’

- Wayne , 46, Melbourne

‘What inspires me most about Rod is that he has developed a capacity to feel deeply and be present to life at the same time. He has a disarming way of bringing humour and light to some very challenging aspects of life. I have come to Rod with challenges before and he has supported me in finding clarity. As a man, I know how difficult it is to journey the path of feeling and presence. This is why Rod is so inspiring for me. I see him as someone who has integrated both feeling and presence. He is real. He is incredibly human. And he is someone I will continue to look up to as I continue on my growth journey.’

- James, 26, Brisbane