Tantric Alchemy Training is for those who truly desire to live and express their full potential. Alchemy is the process of turning lead into gold. The training will help you to transform the leaden parts of your life into golden aspects of flow.

You can join this program to alchemise your life, starting in October 2016. The training has moved into a new phase of its evolution, with a whole new structure. This is the 3rd training program I have offered and it feels like such a powerful integration of everything I have offered before and more.

The last 2 years have been enormous years of personal growth and development for me that I could not have anticipated or planned for. All of the personal juice I have been distilling is flowing into the training, making it an extremely potent experience.

Tantric Alchemy training is the only training of its kind. It provides a flexible structure: the option for 12 months for those would love to deepen in their personal evolution and 24 months for those who want to offer Tantra professionally (or you may choose this option for an even deeper dive into personal growth).

It’s also the most comprehensive Tantra training available in the market today, taking people deeply into all areas of life, providing practical tools that can be used for transformation, and which will weave and integrate back into your everyday life.

Those who have participated in the training in the past have experienced massive changes in every area of their lives.

Email me today if you have questions or you would like an application form.

Yours in love and alchemy,