One day Rod was sharing with me about how vulnerable, uncertain and even scared he felt about moving, he’d never lived in another state, and hadn’t travelled much within Australia. He had lived his whole life in the Surf Coast/Bellarine/Geelong area, all his family and most of his friends live in that area too.

The very next day, I was preparing food, and as Rod walked through the kitchen area, these words spilled out of my mouth, “What if we just put the house on the market, and decide where we are going to live once the house sells? See what is available at the time?”

There was no forethought about this. It was like a lightning bolt of energy inspired the words, and once they were out there, I couldn’t take them back.

I found out later that Rod’s heart skipped a beat, (given his share with me the day before) impressively he responded with “I will contact the real estate agent tomorrow.”

My body was buzzing with aliveness and possibility. There was a potent feeling in the air, we both committed to trusting a process bigger than ourselves. We weren’t making a choice of where to move to, we were trusting life to bring us the information we needed at the time we needed it.

Once our house was listed with the agent, I was REALLY nervous. I felt really safe and held in that house. The house was Rod’s dream when he built it (before I met him) but it always felt like somehow he built it for me, and had been waiting for me to turn up in his life!

I definitely had moments of cold feet as we were looking at houses online in SA, Qld and NSW. Big moments of feeling that we wouldn’t find anything as good as our house in Armstrong Creek. And how were we going to make this work, as the lockdown kept being extended and extended?!

We kept on returning to the words that had fallen out of my mouth, “Let’s see what is available when our house sells!”

Somewhere inside, I was secretly hoping that it would be a long time, and that we would have plenty of breathing room for working out where we were going to go.

Surprisingly (to both us and the real estate agent), our house sold within 14 days of going on the market, at very close to the asking price. Which felt like a surefire sign that our desire to move was in alignment for us.

“But where to live?” - that question suddenly started to weigh on me more heavily, pressing in so strongly with only 6 weeks to our settlement date.

During a webinar for a women’s mastermind program I was participating in, the facilitator offered to me this - “the land will choose you.”

I felt warmth and openness in my body as she spoke those words. I shared it with Rod afterwards, and we started asking the land that was going to choose us, to let itself be known.

A day or so later, Rod showed me a house in Frederickton, NSW. I began researching Frederickton. I discovered that it’s part of the Macleay Valley Coast area, and its traditional owners are the Dunghutti people.

As I read those two sentences I asked myself “is this the land that is calling us?”.

I felt tingling and strong energetic sensations begin in my toes and move right up through my torso, explosions of opening energy through my heart, down my arms and into my fingers, and inexplicable tears and laughter rippling through me – all at the same time.

The response was an overwhelming clear YES in my body.

I wanted to communicate this to Rod immediately, however, through the tears and laughter, all I could manage was to tap his arm like a madwoman.

We had our answer for the land that was calling us, so we focused our search on the Macleay Valley Coast.

Of all the towns in the area, South West Rocks kept on drawing our attention. For Rod, because he thought it sounded weird and for me, because I liked the name.

Rod had been told by a practitioner that you can ask the original owners of an area for permission to move there, to create harmony with the original owners and stronger connection with the land.

So I contacted the Dunghutti elders and spoke to Uncle Bob. I felt so nervous and vulnerable. Anxiously wondering what would happen to our plans if he said no, when I asked if we could move to the area.