Fortunately, he said repeatedly “you are both formally welcome to Dunghutti land.”

It was such a beautiful and touching conversation – thank you Uncle Bob!

We looked at small farms, residential areas and everything in between.

There was a desire for land, but concern about how we would manage land, with working commitments, and other personal interests and desires.

We did a few Zoom tours of houses that were lovely – one in a very residential area, and another on 30 acres of land. And still we were torn about what we most wanted, by this stage we were pretty clear that South West Rocks was it, but there was NOTHING available that felt suitable for us.

Our requirements for a house were pretty specific - big enough to both work and live from home without being in each other’s space all the time, space for us to have our own meditation/practice rooms, a couple of spare rooms for family and friends, a large shed for Rod, connection to nature, plenty of natural light and overall something that made both our bodies go YES.

We were well into the process of trusting our bodies’ responses, and nothing we were looking at, felt quite right.

We were considering our options for renting, for staying with friends and family in Victoria, and feeling overall confused by the process. Our capacity to trust in the process was being put to the test. Big time!

The not knowing is such a potent teacher of trust. Surrendering to this process was as exhilarating as it was uncomfortable.

We were contacted by a real estate agent about a home that had not yet been listed in South West Rocks. The agent felt it was suitable and the owner was willing to settle inside of 30 days. The house was lovely, the block was large, and it had a beautiful protected Indigenous reserve behind it.

That felt like a solution for having access to nature, but not needing to maintain paddocks and fences.

We were interested, however, the house didn’t feel quite right. And neither of our bodies was singing “yes”.

We had 1 week left until our settlement date and moving out of the house. Not only did we need somewhere for 2 adults, but we needed somewhere to go with 2 cats, a large dog and for our 16 plants ranging from small to large.

A friend had very generously offered us temporary accommodation in Sorrento, which would tide us over until just before Christmas. (Thanks Danny!!)

But then what?

Homeless at Christmas with 3 pets!!

My nerves were getting the better of me. We had committed to trusting the process, but I was feeling that maybe we were taking it too far. We put a low offer in on the house that wasn’t quite right, letting the universe guide us to whether or not this was the house for us.

After putting in the offer, I started crying, knowing that we were not going to get the house. I felt overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and a desperate desire to take control, rather than staying in trust.

Rod sat with me, creating space for me to be with my feelings, my tears and the discomfort coursing through my body. We talked about whether we should put in a higher offer, but both came back to the knowing that we needed to keep on trusting.

I went to cook our brunch with a heavy heart and full of uncertainty.

I heard Rod’s phone ring, followed by him saying “Okay, okay, we will see you on Zoom in a few minutes.”

Rod calls out, “The other real estate agent just rang and she said, I have found your house! I am doing the appraisal now, it’s not listed, jump on Zoom and send me a link.”

I took our brunch into Rod’s study, and started eating. Feeling a little curious, but also somewhat skeptical given the process to date.

Two zoom tours in two days, and both for houses that were not yet listed. Were we on the right track? Or were these red herrings?

The tour started out the front of the house, and we both had an instant recognition. It was the house next door to the one we put the offer in on!

Even more curious now.

As the video tour of the house started, I was feeling reserved and I could feel my energy pulled back in my body. Not wanting to get excited again, only to feel the bitter disappointment and uncertainty that comes with the vulnerability of having nowhere else to go.

As the agent walked from the front door into the kitchen and living areas, I noticed how beautifully spacious the house was with massive windows overlooking the Indigenous reserve.

My body was starting to sing!

As she walked into the master bedroom with bay windows also looking out onto the reserve and then into the walk in robe and ensuite, I was starting to tear up. Happy tears. My heart suddenly felt light and expansive.

The house had so many of the features we were hoping for, with the gorgeous reserve at the back, a very large shed for Rod, a beautiful bath, well laid out kitchen and living areas, spaces we could both work from and do our practices, lovely wooden floors, and an overall feeling of YES.

We were both in love!

Within 15 minutes, we had bought a house!!

Neither of us had ever been to South West Rocks, in fact before this began we had never heard of it, and now, we had just bought a house there via Zoom!

This was a whole new experience of vulnerability and trust. A new leaning into the unknown.

We moved out of our house at Armstrong Creek the following week, and went to stay in Sorrento for 1 month before moving to South West Rocks.

Now we are here!

And we are ecstatic; South West Rocks is a paradise, magical and so beautiful. I feel spoiled everyday with exquisite connection to nature – the stunning trees behind us, the luxurious beaches nearby, the 3 minute walk to the river. Kookaburras are our constant companions laughing from the treetops, a turtle has been to visit our backyard, kangaroos dot our neighbourhood and many beautiful birds.

I feel so at home here – it does feel as though the land has called us!