Date Night


Would you like to understand more about the opposite sex?

Learn how to connect more deeply?
And discover how to create connections with presence, inspiration and fun?

Date Night for Singles is best described as 2.5 hours of live and interactive dating coaching.

 This event is for you if you:

- Are single and looking for a relationship
- Desire to live a more meaningful life
- Would like to learn something new about yourself
- Want to deepen your understanding of dating and relationships
- Desire to make new connections (potential for friendship and dating)

This event is not for you if you:

- Are looking for just a hook-up (no judgement here, but this is not the place)
- Feel you already know everything you need to know about relationships and dating
- Are not interested in personal development, spirituality, creating depth and meaning in life

During this event you will be guided to:

- Develop a stronger internal connection so that you can tune into what feels right for you
- Amplify your masculine or feminine qualities, depending on the experience you wish to have with people you are meeting
- Feel your level of openness or closure in your body when meeting new people, and understand how this impacts connections
- Feel your bodily responses in real and authentic conversations
- Be able to ask insightful and powerful questions when dating and explore energetic connection
- Practice a variety of conversations and energetic experiences with the opposite sex


These experiences are woven together with discussions relevant to dating and relationships. I will offer perspectives and insights from working with many women and men over many years, and I will invite contributions from men and women so that there is the opportunity to more fully understand each other’s perspectives.

I will always guide you towards listening to your own body and your innate wisdom, which is essential to creating the quality of connection you truly desire.

If you would like to change the way you experience dating, intimacy, and relationships, join us for this profound event.


‘The willingness and openness of all the participants was very heartening. The depth of the questions was also brilliant. The way you shared your knowledge after the break out sessions was perfectly placed. I didn’t feel any pressure to be on my ‘best behaviour’ to impress anyone. I felt free to be myself, share and hear from other singles without there being an agenda. This is what is missing from the current format of the online dating apps.’

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Date Night for Singles
Date Night for Singles
Date Night for Singles
Date Night for Singles
Date Night for Singles
Date Night for Singles
Date Night for Singles