Are you GOING DEEP in communication?

We live in a time where many of us are drawn to grow and evolve and yet, at the same time, we carry a lot of fear and contraction… this fear gets in the way of having real, clear and vulnerable conversations with our loved ones.

Even those of us who are committed to growth have moments where something is taken out of context or we are unable see all the relevant sides to a story.

Between men and women, I see time and time again how people often turn it into a HE said vs SHE said battle. Often the game of blaming each other is a form of protection and hiding from the real vulnerability of intimacy and relating.

Working intensely with people for many years, I have seen that both men and women want to enjoy DEEP, FULFILLING and MEANINGFUL union, and that includes PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL intimacy.

In this case, we are looking specifically at woman’s relationship to longing, as I feel this has been severely diminished and it can reconnect us to a powerful sense of aliveness, fullness and capacity that is innate to our feminine expression.

In my own journey, I have moments where I fall into thinking that relationships are too hard, and my partner doesn’t get me or understand me.

When I build up stories and projections, there is no chance for him to communicate with me in a way that is REAL.

However, when I communicate from vulnerability, from the deeper essence of who I am, it creates an opportunity for my partner to really see me and relate to me.

Underneath our fear, we are all looking for connection, intimacy and meaning.

People are often afraid to have the real conversations for fear of hurting the other, being hurt, or being misunderstood.

But it is SO important to create space for transparency, vulnerability and real conversations. The truth always creates more space and more freedom. And that is worth taking the risk and stepping through our discomfort and fear.

What deeper conversations do you need to have?

Can you lean into these conversations in a way that is empowering for you and the other person involved?