“Don’t quit your day job!” It was 2002, and, in the eyes of many, I was walking away from the ideal future. I was working as a Financial Controller for a successful company in London that had offered me sponsorship.

It was a very lucrative position, which offered business class travel and they were generous about letting me take extra time for personal adventures. My flat in Notting Hill was delightful; and my savings account was growing to new proportions all whilst I was treating myself to the best of what Europe has to offer.

Yet, it wasn’t enough. All the luxury in the world, the fulfilment of many of my 20-something dreams and the gnawing feeling still existed. The advice giver, Edward, was the director of the company where I worked. He was a generous and caring man who came from a different world to me.

My eyes still boggled after a year of financial reporting that involved billions of Euros. He grew up in the kind of world where billions of euros are a part of regular conversation. He belonged to the privileged class of London society, my family were part of the working class of Launceston, Tasmania.

The advice “Don’t quit your day job!” can be an insult, but I knew the context was one of admiration and respect. Despite being from different worlds, receiving recognition like that from him touched me and I still smile at his words.

I craved to jump more fully into the mysterious world of emotional and energetic healing and personal transformation. My future career was not yet defined but I could feel it. How could I describe to this conservative Englishman why I needed to take a path that was out of the realm of his understanding?

He wasn’t the only one. All my colleagues looked bewildered that a 29 year old would leave behind a promising career in finance. I know I seemed like a curious character to many around me.

I shook when I received a bonus cheque with generous zeroes on the end; however, it didn’t change what I knew to be my path. Living and working in London had been part of a young Chartered Accountant’s dream and I was proud that I had lived the dream in a way that had exceeded my expectations.

Most people didn’t know that I lived with a pain and a discomfort inside of me, something that told me I wasn’t living my heart’s true purpose.

Transitions are such rich and powerful times. Almost 9 months of travelling solo in Europe, South America and North America taught me much more about myself and living in touch with my intuition than anything else ever could.

When I arrived back in Sydney, life was slow and small and I was grateful for that. I lived by the beach, did some part time work, enjoyed running and yoga daily, whilst studying shiatsu and rebirthing. The luxuries were gone, but I was living with myself in a whole new way.

The peace of mind I had been looking for was there in the quiet days I had to myself. Money fears came and went during the transition and thankfully I still had significant savings from working in London.

Tantra was the missing piece in the jigsaw called my life transition. Tantra brought the most amazing depth of intimacy to my life. Accessing sexual energy as fuel for life and feeling my inner power was transforming beyond anything I had ever experienced. My destiny had come and found me.

People laugh when they meet me now as a Tantra Teacher and discover that I used to be a Chartered Accountant. To me, it seems natural. My business skills have come in useful many times over the last 11 years of creating and growing my business, Tantric Blossoming.

I love people; I love supporting them to feel more whole and alive from within. I love developing and growing a business, and it provides the perfect opportunity to serve many people.

Being a Tantra Teacher is something that many of my past colleagues don’t understand. If Edward could see me now I wonder what advice he would give today? Would he see that the risk of quitting my day job has been worthwhile?

I have taken many risks since then, including relocating to Melbourne, being a pioneer in the world of Tantric events, creating a Tantric training program and more.

Risk taking has become a way of life. Through risk, I discover more of who I am and what my contribution is to the world. These risks are always measured by the strength of the inner calling. What does my heart desire? How does this step add to the overall picture of my life?

When working with clients going through major life transitions, I am very compassionate. I know what it’s like to question one’s choices and take brave steps towards a new path.

Over the last year I have worked with a client who was experiencing significant conflict in his relationship. He was struggling to feel connected to his young children. His work life was overwhelming and he constantly felt the need for sexual release for momentary gratification.

Through tantric experiences, he released past anxiety, found new depths in his sexual expression and overcome inner conflict by aligning his feelings and actions. As a result, his intimate relationship is significantly enhanced, his way of being in the world is more relaxed, he beams when he speaks about his children, and he feels empowered at work. This particular client has found peace in his heart and body.

Supporting this type of transition brings me great joy. I have walked extensively in the corporate world and I have walked extensively in the world of personal transformation. Gifts from both of those worlds have created me as the woman I am today, personally and professionally.

I am grateful to Edward for the role he played in my transition. I am grateful for my clients, as they have helped me create my new day job.