Women are often curious about men, men’s work and what they can do to love him.


How to be in a relationship with a man in a way that supports him and has him choose to engage and show up for a relationship. There’s a desire in women to feel that a man wants to be there, that he wants to be with you rather than in the shed or watching the tv or on his computer.


When a woman understands her man, what’s important to him, how he functions and how he shows his love, we can begin to build a foundation of love.


Our relationship becomes a co-creation of love.


Men and women function very differently in relationships. Relationships are often avoided by men. Many men don’t see the value in a relationship and it can feel like a chore or something he has to do rather than him being deeply engaged and wanting to be there.


How do we make relationship a valuable space for a man so that he wants to be with you and no one else?


The truth is it’s easy. But you have to know how to love him, how to be there with him in a way that invites him into your world. It’s not about changing to be someone or something that a man wants. It actually requires you to be more of the woman you long to be.


Learning how to access the parts of you that have never been given enough space or permission, learning to bring all those feelings and emotions forward in a way that serves both of you. And it is possible. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. It requires being a living, loving example of the feminine, which is what your heart has been longing for since birth.


Given emotional expression has been shamed and wronged and women made less than for occupying that space for hundreds of years it can be challenging to believe we need more of it. The truth is we do, so much more is needed.


All those beautiful feelings and emotions are not only wanted but desperately needed. How do we access emotions and express them in a way that actually brings two people closer? Did you know that the expression of your feelings can deepen the relationship and support the relational intimacy in a way that serves both of your hearts?


Deepening in relationships happens when we show emotional expression and feelings, without dumping them on another person, or blaming them.


Emotions have two primary requirements for resolution.

  1.   They need to be felt.
  2.   They need to be seen/acknowledged.


And that’s it really. It’s actually simple but that’s what keeps it out of reach for most people.


Once the dynamic is understood, life and relationship become a profound place of inspiration, motivation and opportunity. Our relationships are quite similar to spirituality, they require devotion and worship. Once we recognize the other as the most important person in our lives and begin treating them as such the relationship begins to create healing.


Healing of our past trauma and woundings, healing of our deficiencies as a person, healing of the world and people around us.


When we change, the whole world changes. There is no other way it can be.


All it takes is a willingness to learn a different way of relating. One where our partners become our greatest teachers instead of our opponent, where our partners are seen as an expression of the divine and are loved and worshipped accordingly.


How would it be for you to wake up in the morning and have someone devote their loving presence to you, no matter what? Day after day, year after year being bathed in love.


It’s possible, I know because I live it. And if I can create it, then you can too. I love guiding women to discover the loving relationship they desire.


What you will need to bring to the experience: :

  • A desire to change your life

  • A willingness to let go of old habits that hurt you and others

  • A desire to be loved in a way you never knew existed

  • A willingness to let go of the parts of life that keep you small

  • A desire to recreate how you live


If you want an extraordinary relationship, you have to be willing to live differently. If you look around at ordinary relationships you will realize they are the sum total of those people’s habits, conscious and unconscious.


Often these are habits of power plays, neglect, tension, fear and control, learned from our parents, tv shows, books, and movies. The love dies, the connection dies and we often feel powerless to change anything as we watch what was once beautiful wilt before us.


Why does this happen?


Because no one has ever taught you how to love and how to receive love. It certainly wasn’t taught in school and my parents didn’t know how.


The only way to truly create the love and relationship you have always wanted is to go to an expert. The same way we learn the skills for anything else in life.


I am dedicated to serving women and men to learn new ways of being in a relationship. To know that a relationship can be loving, meaningful and deeply fulfilling. It can certainly be more than what most of us dare to dream of.


I am offering 8 women the opportunity to create the love of a lifetime, whether you are single or in a relationship you wish to transform.

Join me starting on the 26th June, 10am to 12noon for the Exclusive Women’s Coaching Container, Loving Him. It will span 14 weeks, meeting every second Saturday. Email connections@martinahughes.com to learn more about this program.