Exploring Sexuality For Teen Girls

13 to 16 Years Old

Having worked in the sexuality and relationships space for over 15 years, I have heard so many adult women say “I wish I knew this when I was younger!” And many parents have encouraged me (in some cases begged!) to create an offering for teenagers, and so, this workshop is the beginning of my working directly with youth in support of their healthy sexuality.

As a parent, are you wondering how to support your teenage daughter with the transition from girlhood to womanhood?

This significant time of change in a young girl’s life can be quite nuanced. The complex feelings she may be having about herself, her body, sexuality, intimacy and relationships require an informed and sensitive approach from parents. 

As a teen girl, it is all too common to experience disconnection from the body, self-judgment and self-consciousness, shame around sex and body image, overwhelm about growth and change (emotional and physical) and confusion around relationships/relating to others.

Through the development of a more independent sense-of-self, teens commonly experience intense insecurity and doubt, often triggered by comparing themselves to peers. Understanding their unique experience of sexuality plays a significant role in establishing a healthy sense of identity. This understanding together with tools to support communication, emotions and body awareness provides the skills and strength for teens to be able to navigate their sexual experiences healthily.


For teens seeking support, this workshop can help you to learn:
✓ How your body and psyche changes during your teenage years, and how to easily navigate and embrace this time.
✓ How to develop a healthy relationship with your body.
✓ How to be comfortable talking about sex and why this is essential for your relationships.
✓ Where emotions come into sex and intimacy
✓ About hormonally charged sexuality vs. authentic attraction
✓ About discernment, consent, boundaries and mutual enjoyment.
✓ About your body, pleasure and how to honour your needs.


For parents seeking support for their teen daughters, it is important to understand that, like you, your daughter has the capacity to grow and expand through embracing her sexuality. Creating an opportunity for your daughter to be supported in this, will allow her to discover the power of healthy sexuality, which will create an invaluable foundation for her life as a woman.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for teenagers to have space to explore sexuality and relationships.

The topics that are generally covered in school, such as reproduction, contraception and disease prevention, are indeed necessary. However, there is a huge gap when it comes to the relevance of autonomy, intimacy, connection, communication and pleasure within the sex education system.

Teenagers are naturally curious about sex and need robust support from a variety of sources so that they are able to make decisions with awareness and self-assurance, and without pressure, reactivity or fear. In order to have fulfilling relationships and connections in adult life, it is absolutely vital to be comfortable and encouraged to talk about sex as a teenager.


Format: This workshop is designed specifically for teen’s attendance, with an emphasis to provide a confidential and safe container for your daughter to explore her sexuality. Parents will receive an overview of what is covered prior to the workshop, as well as information for how to be sensitive to your teen’s needs post-workshop.


  • Facilitated by Martina Hughes and assisted by Joanne Barron.
  • 2 x 4 hour sessions with approximately 3 weeks in between sessions.
  • Delivered online via Zoom.com.
  • Saturday or Sunday from 2:00 – 6:00pm AEDT.  (including regular breaks)


‘The willingness and openness of all the participants was very heartening. The depth of the questions was also brilliant. The way you shared your knowledge after the break out sessions was perfectly placed. I didn’t feel any pressure to be on my ‘best behaviour’ to impress anyone.

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Exploring Sexuality for Teen Girls
Exploring Sexuality for Teen Girls
Exploring Sexuality for Teen Girls
Exploring Sexuality for Teen Girls
Exploring Sexuality for Teen Girls
Exploring Sexuality for Teen Girls
Exploring Sexuality for Teen Girls