Do I need a partner to practice Tantra?

All you need for practising Tantra is yourself, your body and your breath. Tantra begins with an awareness of yourself and your inner being. Learning Tantra can give you the confidence to go and meet people to practise with.

What is sexual energy and where does it come from?

Sexual energy, life force energy and kundalini are all the same and they all come from within your body. Tantric practice has us come fully into the body to know the bliss of feeling, so that we can open up to knowing ourselves as divinity. Attempting to go for the expanded spiritual experience without knowing the body is a little premature and why individuals often get stuck in their spiritual development.

Where do I start?

If you have specific concerns that you would like to address, we recommend individual tantric sessions, as these give you the greatest opportunity for a personalised experience. If you are new and curious to find out more, come along to Tantric Nights, which is a social evening held monthly in Sydney and bi-monthly in Melbourne, where you have the opportunity to try some light-hearted and fun tantric practices with tantric beginners and advanced tantric devotees.

What can you suggest for me to begin at home?

For women, I recommend our audio product - About a Woman’s Heart and Breasts, to support women in understanding the power of connecting to our heart and breasts for health, vitality and connection to your feminine essence. This also provides tips for men on how to touch women’s breasts.

For reading material, we recommend The Heart of Tantric Sex by Diana Richardson for couples, Tantric Orgasm for Women by Diana Richardson for women and Tantric Sex for Men by Diana and Michael Richardson. These three books are written so that they are easy to absorb and create a body felt experience with exercises at the end of each chapter.

Is it a religion?

Tantra can become a way of life; however, it is not about giving you rules and expectations to guide your existence. It is about knowing yourself more fully, so that you have the freedom to move in alignment your natural energy and inclinations. What you do with Tantra is entirely your choice – it can be something you practice for better and longer lasting sex, or it can become the pathway for your spiritual opening.

Can I come along to a workshop and just watch?

The workshop is an interactive space and is designed to take you on a journey, the more you participate the greater the benefits.

Does it mean that I will have sex for hours at a time, every time?

Tantra is about learning to be in the moment, so if you want to have long and luxurious lovemaking sessions you are able to, and equally you can enjoy a quick sexual encounter because you are bringing a level of depth and inner connection.

How does a man learn to last longer sexually?

Through Tantra, a man can learn to develop his internal awareness so that he maintains a constant level of arousal and presence, allowing him to stay in the sex without ejaculating. The techniques we use at Tantric Blossoming are less about control and forcing the situation and more about inner awareness.

If I am a woman who has never had an orgasm before, how can you help me?

A woman’s natural state is orgasmic bliss, it is just that we live in a world where this has been repressed. Through workshops and sessions, we work with women to restore this natural state, using breathwork, bodywork, movement and awareness practices. Women are receptive and magnetic in their feminine essence, so what can happen is that women will open up to an experience simply because she heard another woman talk about it and absorbed the essence of the other woman’s experience. This is the beauty of the women’s workshops, particularly when women give themselves permission to fully express themselves in the space.


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