Fierce love is a big theme for me these days.
The kind of love that has a higher vision, the love that knows when to say yes and no, the kind of love that roars when integrity is missing, the love that the wild feminine embodies, the kind of love that instinctively arises in the body, the love that fuels individuals and communities to move towards something greater.

Fierce love says no to playing small, no to playing games, no to manipulation and control, no to anything which is suppressing or anti-life, says no to playing out the drama and bullshit, says no to feeding petty agendas.

I say no to anything in myself that is unsupportive to me or those around me. I say no to others bringing these games into my space.

And I give up “playing nice” to please people. I have made this commitment before. but a whole new level of unravelling is happening right now. I say yes to embracing my power and yes to releasing the fear that keeps me small.

I give up the need to nurture and mother everyone, as I have given away too much of my energy doing this and not respected myself.

It’s time for fierce love to take its place, it’s time for a more full version of the embodied feminine!