Watching women begin to trust themselves, their feelings and their intuition is an absolute gift to my heart. I am currently leading 2 women’s group coaching containers, (as well as working with a number of private clients) and loving the transformation that is happening.

Being in tune with my feelings and intuition is changing my life constantly. So it’s a delight to witness other women making the transition to self-trust, AND to trusting life. Trusting life is a process of emptying out the past hurts and emotions, stabilising the nervous system, and connecting to the sensations and feelings of the present moment.

From this place, the women I am working with are starting to feel different, they notice that others are responding differently to them, and they are experiencing a lot more joy and connection throughout their life.

It requires both courage and vulnerability to work through the things that most need our attention internally. For many of us, after years of avoiding feelings, it can be excruciating to allow space for simply feeling without trying to fix or analyse it.

I know that my go-to strategy for a LONG time was analysing and attempting to fix myself. And that habit can still rear its head in moments. However, what I notice is that this strategy keeps alive the story that I am broken or that there is something wrong with me.

Allowing my feelings to be processed and moved through the body creates spaciousness and freedom. They don’t always have to be analysed and they certainly don’t need to be fixed. They simply are feelings, and they need the space to move.

Once feelings  have been truly felt and moved through the body (which is very different to thinking about our feelings), then something changes and shifts inside of us. A new feeling can arise, and there is space for those feelings. Feelings are constantly moving and changing. And we should not only embrace that, but encourage it in ourselves and others.

There is no need for feelings to define who we are.

They merely represent our experience in the moment.

Embodiment, feelings and transformation are at the heart of the work that Rod and I offer. We provide a space for you to see and feel that you are whole and complete, exactly as you are. Wholeness includes the days when you feel beautiful and the days when you feel messy, it includes the moments of grief, challenge and pain, and the moments of awe and wonder.

Rod will be commencing a new offering to the women in our community - starting on Saturday 12th June. It will be a group coaching container exclusive to 8 women who are ready for a new experience of LOVING HIM - Empowering you to Create the Relationship you Desire!

It’s designed to support both single women and women in relationships to understand more about creating mutually fulfilling and nourishing relationships.

Rod will support women in these areas:

  • What inspires a man’s presence,

  • How your feminine energy can change his life,

  • The power of your feelings in a relationship,

  • Claiming your pleasure - being self-centered/immersed in your pleasure

  • What a man wants in a relationship,

  • How you can express your needs and desires without directing him,

  • Embody your love so that it’s a gift (rather than a demand),

  • Q&A - guided by your questions and concerns about relationships.

  • And more….

Within our relationship, Rod has significantly supported me to embody the powerful and expressive woman that I am. His gifts of insight and understanding have been a blessing to me, which is why I was inspired to ask Rod to create this experience for you all.

Rod has a deep, direct and loving style of teaching which is deeply inspiring to the women and men he coaches. If you are interested in this upcoming coaching container, please reach out and make an inquiry today as places will fill up fast.