Living and Loving from the Inside


Martina’s recent contribution to The Art of Spiritual Living, online retreat, is now available to view here!

The video below includes a brief introduction from Elizabeth Foley, who created the online retreat, followed by some discussion on what spiritual living means to Martina Hughes and what Tantra is.

Martina shares her perspective on the integration of sex and spirit, and how the two are intertwined. “One cannot have a healthy sexuality without a healthy spirituality and vice versa, they are of equal importance to each other.”  Martina speaks of where our unsupportive ideas and beliefs around sex come from, and how we can heal them.

The video also includes a 30 minute practice for women, which incorporates some of the key components of tantra: learning to breathe more fully, expressing sound, moving energy through the body and being more relaxed in the body.

This is a juicy guided tantric practice to support women to connect with their feminine essence, feel sexual energy in their body, and breathe in a way that supports them to open and expand.

Our work at Tantric Blossoming is about teaching people to Love – the kind of love where we know ourselves as a state of love. Choosing to live in empowered and embodied ways. Loving from the inside out. Tantra supports people to break down stigmas and conditioning that says that sex is wrong or bad, it supports healthy integration of sex, healing and love and allows people to create a space where it’s okay to be sexual, where it’s okay to be ALL of who they are.

With Love,