Loving Your Breasts


Breasts play an energetic and spiritual role in a woman’s relationship with herself. Babies, young children and men are drawn energetically to women’s breasts for nourishment that goes beyond the physical feeding or sexual satisfaction. Sadly, most women are unaware of this spiritual nourishment and only relate to the physical experience of the breasts. Being fixated on the physicality of the breasts – are they big enough, are they too big, are they too small – can prevent a woman from discovering the breasts capacity to open and nourish her feminine essence.

The breasts are the closest external organ to our heart and in tantric practice, it is recognised that a woman’s breasts are the pathway to her heart. Developing a healthy internal and external relationship to the breasts through touch, sensation and breath is a heart opening practice.

A healthy external relationship with the breasts means giving self massage, touching the breasts and appreciating your body, regardless of the shape and size. A healthy internal relationship includes touch together with bringing breath and inner awareness to the breast tissue to become aware of the feelings and sensations from within.

Women close down in the heart and breast area for a number of reasons – feeling past emotional hurts, breastfeeding children, judging her breasts as being for her partner’s pleasure only.

Babies and young children know how comforting the breast can be. It’s a baby’s first source of nourishment and at the same time connects the baby to the feminine heart and capacity to receive unconditional love. Watch the sadness of a toddler being weaned and yearning for the comfort of the breast. A number of toddlers even after being weaned reach for the breast in a moment of discomfort or grumpiness.

Men know the breasts alleviate distress, and whilst enjoying sexual satisfaction from the breasts, will also rest their head on or near the breast for a moment of solace and feminine nourishment. It can remind men of being loved and cared for deeply and nourished by the feminine heart.

The feminine heart is a woman’s power centre, it is the space from which she can nourish self love and spirituality. But so often the focus is on giving love to others and sacrificing oneself. Just as on a plane, they ask you to fit your own oxygen mask first, so is the case with self love – give love to yourself so that your own tank is full before giving to others. Giving to others with an empty tank creates further depletion in your body and does not provide sustaining nourishment for others.

Self love and appreciation of our own bodies is missing in today’s society. When young girls develop breasts, often self consciousness follows. Some girls become emotionally frozen at the shock of this physical change, and are overwhelmed, judging their breasts to be too big or too small. For many this shame lingers into adulthood. This could be changed if adolescent girls were taught about the power of loving one’s own body and nourishing her feminine heart through the breasts.

In a world where being masculine has been given higher value than being feminine, many young girls have even been known to curse their breasts as the breasts are an external symbol that she is feminine. For women with small breasts, they may judge themselves as being too boy-ish. Learning self love through the breasts can turn around this self judgment and inner conflict.

It is possible to make the transition to body awareness and self love through tantric practices.
Rachael shares “My exploration of tantra has really changed my relationship with my breasts and deepened my breast sensitivity, after many years of feeling disconnected from my body”.
Tantric practices are a way of opening the heart and experiencing a fullness of sensation and aliveness within the body.

You can begin to experience a new level of feminine nourishment and self love today by following this practice.

✓ Lie down in a comfortable position

✓ Gently place your hands on your breasts

✓ Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth and visualise your breath moving down into the breast and heart area

Do this practice for 10 minutes each morning when you wake up and over a 3 week period it will change your relationship with your body, your breasts and your femininity. This practice can be done by all women – regardless of age, relationship status or breast size.

Some women spend much of their lives feeling distanced from their own body and denying the possibility of a deeper feminine sensitivity through their breasts. Many women who come to explore tantric practices, have been numb in their breast area for a long time. When women are in flow with knowing and feeling their own inner world, they will recognise that breasts can be used for their own comfort first and then for comfort for men and children. Simply touching the breasts regularly reminds a woman of this power source that lives in her body. When women feel this deep relaxation from regularly connecting with her own breasts, the way she moves, the way she expresses herself and feels about herself in the world is transformed.

There is often a deep sadness held in the breasts that comes from years of being out of touch with the feminine essence. The feminine essence is a woman’s capacity for self love, nurturing, healing, intuition and much more – it is about her allowing the external world to see and feel what she experiences internally. Stored emotion – sadness, anger, numbness, grief, can be expressed and released through tantric practices. Three weeks of daily tantric breast practices can be incredibly transformative for releasing stored emotions whilst also returning sensitivity and feeling to the breasts.

Creating healthy breasts is an incredible gift for women. Touching and massaging the breasts gently and lovingly activates the movement of energy and blood through the tissues. Add to this self care, self love and acknowledgment of the feelings held deep in her heart and a woman will have healthy activated breasts where tissues are regenerating and remain healthy over the long term.

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