Men, Women & Love

2 Day Workshop

Would you like to experience a deeper quality of intimacy in your relationships?

Are you currently single and desiring a different experience for your next relationship?

Many people question why love and sex can sometimes feel bland or boring and find themselves wondering how they could experience greater meaning, fulfilment and joy in their lives and relationships.

At Tantric Blossoming we empower people to create the love, sex and relationships they desire.

Men, Women and Love is a movement, it is creating REAL conversations about what is required for profound intimacy. Through this movement, we are empowering men and women in cultivating quality relationships beyond their wildest dreams.

This event provides the tools and practices for you to begin creating and experiencing deeper sexual union, more authentic conversations and deeper intimacy in your relationships.

It is time to cultivate a deeper quality of love in the world. Love that feels truly inspired, heartfelt, supportive and connected. Men, Women and Love offers an opportunity for women and men to begin to wholeheartedly feel, appreciate and understand how to best love each other.

During this event, Martina Hughes and Rod Gordon will support you in the embodiment of creating a deeper quality of love in your life.

You will explore the following:

✓ The different ways in which men and women give and receive love

✓ The sensitivity of the negative polarity (heart for men, vagina for
women) and how to honour that sensitivit

✓ Releasing sexual shame

✓ Giving up power plays and conditionality in relationships

✓ What trust looks like in a relationship

✓ How to offer the best version of yourself

✓ How to inspire the best in each othe

✓ We will offer practices that are fun, engaging, and informative and
support you to go home with embodied wisdom that will make a
difference in your life.

From Martina…

“My reflections on men, women and love come from my experiences in working with women and men for over 13 years, hearing about people’s personal challenges, and my own life experiences of love, intimacy and relationships.

My partner, Rod Gordon, will join me for this talk to share a man’s insights and perspectives on these topics which are at the heart of our life and relationship together.

I hope to see you there, to support your transformation in the areas of love, sex and intimacy.”


Logistical Information

Date: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March 2019
Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm (both days)

Venue: Second Story Studios
222 Johnston Street Collingwood
Victoria, VIC 3066 Australia

Delicious organic vegetarian lunch provided on both days, catered by Rachel Marshall from Enchanted Eating.

If you want to be part of a movement that brings forward REAL conversations for creating profound intimacy, join us for this 2-day workshop!

Book now via the link below. Or contact Joanne for your free 15 minute consultation to see if this is a fit for you.

This event is open to men, women, couples and singles.


Early Bird: $597.00
Available until February 2nd

Standard: $797.00


Men, Women & Love – 2 Day Workshop
Men, Women & Love – 2 Day Workshop
Men, Women & Love – 2 Day Workshop
Men, Women & Love – 2 Day Workshop
Men, Women & Love – 2 Day Workshop
Men, Women & Love – 2 Day Workshop
Men, Women & Love – 2 Day Workshop