Men, Women & Love

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Navigating Relationship in a Modern World

Many women and men are struggling in their relationships today.

A woman no longer needs a man to fulfil the traditional role of provider and protector. There has been much necessary energy and attention given to women’s empowerment. And our relationships with men are now in need of some attention.

I often hear from women, “When will he step up?” or “I have to take care of things because he won’t do it.” or “Why are there no good men around?”

What is being overlooked in our modern relationship model is that women are often falling into patterns of trying to be like men, therefore, not leaving space for men to be men, and show up in their healthy masculinity.

I hear men say, “It feels like she doesn’t need me” or “She’s not interested in sex anymore” or “I miss the soft and loving side of my partner?”

This confusion and painful questioning highlights the lack sexual intimacy, loving connection, trust and respect that many couples face.

If women don’t trust men and are unable to support their healthy masculine expression, then there is no space for them to offer their love and gifts. Men are left wondering what their role is in our lives, and often in my work with men they express feeling lost and wondering how to be there for their partners and families.

If men don’t offer women the kind of love that opens their hearts, the cycle goes on uninterrupted. People continue in relationships that feel uninspiring, lacking juice and wonder “what is the point?”.

Relationships can be incredibly nourishing, loving, deep and transformational containers for our growth. Women and men can support each other to be the best versions of themselves, and with that kind of connection, life looks and feels very different.

It’s time to revisit how we live and love together. Time to create and step into a new paradigm, one that embraces the needs, feelings, values and desires of both men and women.


This talk will include the following topics:

✓ How men and women give and receive love

✓ How a woman inspires a man’s love and devotion

✓ How a man can evoke a woman’s passion and trust

✓ How keeping sexual intimacy alive cultivates a deeper quality of love

✓ What inspires long term commitments in relationships?

✓ How men and women maintain desire and vibrancy in long term relationships

✓ The significance of sex in modern relationships and the impact on our lives

From Martina…

“My reflections on men, women and love come from my experiences in working with women and men for over 13 years, hearing about people’s personal challenges, and my own life experiences of love, intimacy and relationships.

My partner, Rod Gordon, will join me for this talk to share a man’s insights and perspectives on these topics which are at the heart of our life and relationship together.

I hope to see you there, to support your transformation in the areas of love, sex and intimacy.”


Logistical Information


Date: Tuesday 26th February 2019
Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm

Venue: NIDA Studios
152 Sturt Street, Southbank Melbourne Victoria 3006

Cost: FREE

To book your seat, RSVP below. Or contact Joanne for more information.

This event is open to men, women, couples and singles.

Logistical Information


Date: Tuesday 22nd March 2019
Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm

Venue: Crows Nest Community Centre
2 Ernest Pl, Crows Nest
NSW 2065 Australia

Cost: FREE

To book your seat, RSVP below. Or contact Joanne for more information.

This event is open to men, women, couples and singles.