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Our Vision

We are dedicated to supporting women and men to cultivate a new kind of intimacy.

An intimacy that allows you to heal, grow and transform.

An intimacy that will bring gifts that you have only ever dreamed of. An intimacy that is profoundly life changing.

Our Values

The Martina Hughes Team are living in alignment with...

About Martina

"It is possible..."

I know that relationships can be deeply fulfilling and meaningful or they can be excruciatingly painful.
The truth is, most relationships are somewhere in between and include components of both.

Many people believe that relationships should just happen naturally. Whilst we are hardwired for relationships, most of us have conditioning and patterns that get in the way of living the quality of intimacy that we truly desire.

My passion is to support women and men to discover who they truly are, to learn relationship tools that will make a difference in their lives, and to cultivate the quality of intimacy and relationship they most deeply long for.

From my own experiences, I have felt and seen the impact of not knowing how to communicate in a relationship, not knowing how to be my full self, not understanding how to create the kind of intimacy that I craved.

So many people today struggle with not feeling seen, heard and felt by their intimate partners. Many people are challenged by not knowing how to connect with the quality of partner they wish for.

I have learnt over the last 16 years of both personal and professional experiences that it is possible to create change. It is possible to learn embodiment practices, communication skills and relationship tools that will transform your life.

My life is dedicated to supporting women and men to cultivate a new kind of intimacy. An intimacy that allows you to grow and transform together, an intimacy that will bring gifts that you have only ever dreamed of, an intimacy that is profoundly life changing.

With love, 


Martina's Professional Journey

Martina intuitively understands people and their relationship dynamics. She loves cultivating connections and being of service.

About Rod

"There is another way to be a man in the world"

I never felt like I fitted in when I was a kid. Actually that's true as an adult as well. At some point I realised I didn’t want to fit in, I didn’t like what I saw.

The cultural prescription of what it meant to be a man did not work for me. I see this in other men. The expectation of what a man is meant to be and do, all that it carries, and the pain that comes with it.

Often the anger and resentment we carry from this gets directed towards the women in our lives, particularly intimate partners, often hidden in our attitudes and beliefs, and for some more overtly and directly.

The truth is, women do not deserve this. Realising this led me to enquiry, what does it mean to be a man? What other ways can it be? How could I become a man who could evoke something different? How could I create the kind of relationship I intuited was possible?

My deepest intuition was, there was another way to be a man. A way that would allow a man to be loved, respected and worshipped, just for being who he is. Nothing else needs to happen. An effortless flow of love, allowing, and becoming.

That begged the question: How would I have to be in the world, so all that would naturally emerge from another? And was it possible? With many years of study and practice, here and abroad, I discovered yes, it was possible. And, that it is possible for any man. What I see in men is something different, I see so many men are lost. Uncertain of how to move forward in their life, not wanting to conform to old and destructive ways of being a man, and yet not wanting to be another sensitive new age guy.

Without a deep sense of purpose a man will often feel unfulfilled. He will then seek this fulfillment through the distractions of life. He will indulge in seeking out pleasure and fun, like social media, tv, toys, and the conveniences of modern life. Only to still feel something is missing. These attempts to seek satisfaction through recreational activities, work, and relationships, often leaves a man wondering why he still feels a sense of dissatisfaction lurking in his belly.

He may embark on a spiritual quest, he may give up his recreational activities only to replace them with spiritual rules and dogma about who he “should” be.

Ultimately this leads a man to being more diluted and lost, often feeling more helpless and depleted. Much of our cultural narrative about men has caused men to shut down their sexual desire and expression, capacity for clarity, leadership and direction, as well as his primal instincts. Instincts and capacities that when wielded skillfully would open his woman's heart, evoke love and allow him to provide a safe harbour for her.

A woman’s loving presence can inspire a man to live a much greater life than he could have on his own. Unfortunately, most men don’t know how to evoke this kind of love in a woman, and women don’t know how to truly inspire a man. And so we see transactional relationships that are full of pain, conflict and disappointment.

A consistent state of not being met, seen or heard. For both partners. This downward spiral leaves men struggling with mental health, high suicide rates, overwhelming hopelessness when dealing with women and relationships.

I know the pain of these places. I know how hopeless it can feel. I have lived these.

My gift is to guide men in discovering their own unique path of becoming a man. I want men to know they can be a deeply spiritual, free, and awake man who is also engaged with life. A life that includes meditation, a thriving career they love, making love with their woman, making a contribution in the world, whilst also going fishing, surfing, motorbike riding, 4WDriving or any other interest you may have. And a man who knows how to evoke the full range of love in his woman.

My dream is creating pathways for men to honour their strength and their sensitivity.

To create space for deep intimacy and space for solitude.

Men’s lives can be greatly transformed by working with a man who is deeply immersed and committed to the path.

There is a way to be the man you most desire to be, and for that to serve all of those around you.

With love,


Rod's Professional Journey

Rod holds space with creativity, intuition and presence. Skillfully empowering men and women to live a version of their life they knew existed but felt impossible to achieve.

Our Journey...

Our relationship has a foundation of shared values, mutual commitment to growth and desire to be of service. 

We have noticed that as we grow and evolve as individuals and as a couple, our work deepens, and our offering to the community becomes stronger and more powerful.

Redefining Intimacy is what we both love to do - for ourselves personally and for our community.

Intimacy can mean many different things, by making a stand for Redefining Intimacy, we are acknowledging the need for real intimacy to exist in people's lives. Intimacy with oneself, with your chosen partner, with friends, with family.

The willingness to be seen, heard and felt, the capacity to see, hear and feel others. This is where intimacy begins.

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Teaching People To Love

We are teaching people to love. Really and truly love. Not the romantic version, not the fluffy version. But to really love.


Cultivating a Life of Trust

My body was buzzing with aliveness and possibility. We had committed to trusting a process bigger than ourselves. We weren’t making a choice of where to move to, we were trusting life to bring us the information we needed at the time we needed it.


Why Are We Redefining Intimacy?

True intimacy with your chosen partner can create tremendous healing, bring new dreams to life, offer significant opportunities for transformation, and lead to spiritual awakening. 


Our Community's Experiences...

Read about how our work has impacted our client's lives.

"My journey allowed me to feel the aliveness of humanity, and to give myself permission to feel more fully..." 

"Greg and I are now more connected on a deeper level and we feel more alive, it is so beautiful..."

"The depth I dropped into was amazing. At times I felt raw, tender, frustrated, light, dark and so much more..."