Intimacy Foundations

Empowering Men, Women and Couples to Create Deep, Life Enriching Experiences and Fulfilling Relationships with Self, Partner, Family and Friends.

After 15 years and 10,000 hours of offering private coaching, Martina has discovered that the strong foundation offered in group space supports people to experience greater transformation during private sessions.

Because of this, we have created our Level 1 workshops, Blossoming Woman and Relationship Tools for Men, which cover all the essential teachings and tools required for your Love, Intimacy and Relationship journey. By understanding and embracing these foundations, you will experience greater benefits from private sessions.

The Level 1 workshops are an essential first step on your journey, whereas private sessions and mentoring are a more nuanced offering to support your ongoing development and integration.

As Martina is also highly engaged other special projects (yet to be announced), private sessions are offered exclusively to those who are committed to an ongoing journey of self-discovery.

What’s on Offer

Private Sessions

Private Coaching

Private coaching supports you to have a better understanding of how to create the quality of life and relationship experiences that you desire. Find the deep and powerful wisdom that lives in your body. Through coaching we provide you with tools to access your body wisdom and express yourself more fully in all areas of your life.

Private Sessions

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching gives you new tools for communication, connection and living more fully expressed within your relationship. During these sessions, you will be guided to explore what intimacy and connection look like for each of you, how to best fulfil yours and your partner’s needs and experience new levels of opening, connection and love in your lovemaking.

Private Sessions

Events and Retreats

We have a wide range of offerings available both online and in person. We offer short online courses, 2 day workshops, and a variety of residential retreats that are 3, 5 and 7 days in duration. Our intention is to offer you a rich variety of transformational programs so that you can journey as deeply as you choose to.

From your sessions you can expect to experience

Increased natural energy and enthusiasm for sex
Remembering what it feels like when sexual energy flows through your body
Discovering ways to approach your partner so that the sexual interactions are more loving and connected
Understanding how to approach potential lovers and have a conscious conversation about your desires in relating
Being in alignment with yourself and learning how to express freely, without agendas and expectations
Reconnecting with your masculine / feminine essence to increase your vitality and passion for life
Learning to be in the moment each day

We are committed to your overall wellbeing. We want you to receive maximum benefit from your experience. The more strongly you show up, the more we are able to support you.
‘Focusing on my breath and your direction allowed me to move through the sensations without being overwhelmed. That was refreshing. Throughout a growing spaciousness spread in my body. An unexpected freedom and release occurred so naturally, that it took me by complete surprise. I did not know my body could do that! It felt awesome and humbling. Lots of old “stuff” was surfacing, with sharp pains and twitches occasionally. Once again the breathing and visualisation helped. Immediately after the session, I felt an incredible buzzing through my body. I felt opened up. Something shifted deep down. With your guidance it was a wonderful and challenging first step in my journey. Your calm and reassuring way helped immensely. I look forward to the next part of the journey. Many thanks.’ - Tony, 37, Sydney
‘Thank you Martina for a life changing series of sessions. You were able to pierce through my layers to the core of the issues that plagued my sexuality. I’ve been amazed at the results we achieved in so little time. I now have a whole new world of sexuality ahead that already feels so wholesome and rewarding and not just for me.’ - Peter, 36, Sydney
‘I just wanted to say thank you for our session today. It was pretty intense for me and a lot of stuff has come up and come out, it means growth and movement is happening. I wanted to say to you - I feel really safe with you. When I opened my eyes and looked at you during the breathing part of the session, I just felt really held. That felt important for me. I so appreciate everything that happens in your purple room.’ - Gia, 32, Sydney
‘I just wanted say thanks for the session on Friday afternoon. Its made me think more about where I am heading in my life and talking with you reminded me of what is truly important.’ - Karl, 33, Sydney
‘My sessions with Martina were deeply healing. She created a safe space where I was able to heal old wounds of shame around my sexual desires, reconnect with my passion and make friends with my vulnerable selves also. It was powerful to connect more deeply with the subtle energies in my body and relax happily into who I AM rather than trying to BE someone better.’ - Dunstan, 36, Sydney
‘Thank you so much Martina for our session on Thursday. I was blown away by the amazing space you helped me create through my courage (in your safe and loving environment) to look at the challenges that stop me feeling fulfilled and happy. Since Thursday, lots of lovely new views have opened up for me and I have been feeling so peaceful and grounded. I have been practising my breathing and breast massage and its really interesting to note that the blockages in my digestion have released over the last few days. I am feeling more energetic, the pain in my back has diminished considerably… its been amazing and I sincerely thank you. I want everyone to know how free, energetic and healthy you can feel when you give up the old stuff, let go and start to love and blossom from the inside out. .’ - Lindi, 49, Melbourne
‘Just a quick note to say how amazing it felt for me to be completely real and honest. Thank you so much for creating the space to allow that to happen, and for allowing me to share so much of myself. I feel totally safe with you. I’ll continue to work on what we discussed; your advice and guidance has been hugely beneficial so far. Thank you again for the beautiful session yesterday.’ - Chris, 36, Melbourne
‘What you are doing is changing my life. I live for this; it is a much more beautiful way of being. Thank you.’ - Mark, 42, Sydney
I am still blown away from the sessions with you. To me it was a huge experience. I had so many moments of realization and understanding what is really going on. It has been wonderful, I am so glad that you came to Germany. The sessions with you have given me a feeling that true development and improvement is possible. And above all it has given me hope for my future. And for that I am truly very, very grateful. You are an amazing person.‘ - Gerald, 32, Munich
Thank you so much for your compassionate guidance, for listening and honestly sharing what you see and hear, and for your non-judgemental presence. These are such gifts to me right now. I slept so well last night, and that is rare for me. My body really relaxed into a deep restorative sleep. I have a feeling our work together had something to do with that! Thank you for the summary to our session and for the links. I’m committed to a daily practice for my own awakening. I’m so happy we’re working together..‘ - Maria, 43, USA
‘It was lovely to meet you yesterday via Skype - I found the session extremely useful, and I’m so relieved that you can make sense of what is going on - it has got a lot moving inside, both in my feelings and in my thoughts. Thank you also for such a marvelous summary of our discussion, the issues it highlighted, and the exercises for homework. I’m truly looking forward to this journey, it’s such a relief to be finally breaking down chains from the past, and at last growing and moving forwards.’ - Richard, 43, UK

Free 15 minute Consultation

For more information on how we can support your journey and determine which pathway is best suited to you, please contact us for a free 15 minute phone consultation with Joanne.


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Private Sessions
Private Sessions
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