Tantra For Everyone – Online Course


Our new online course, Tantra for Everyone, offers an opportunity for you to discovery of who you are at your core before the world told you how to be. Tantra REALLY is for EVERYONE!

Is it your turn to get off the hamster wheel?

So, you’ve heard the word tantra thrown around here and there. You’ve maybe heard it’s for people who want to have sex for hours and hours, Sting style. Or that it’s for sex crazed maniacs and sex addicts, where you participate in mass orgies and practice the hundred positions from the Kama Sutra. For men, you might have heard that it means you don’t get to ejaculate anymore. Maybe it conjures up images of dreadlocked people wearing tye dye t-shirts with hairy armpits. That it’s only for the “Ultra Spiritual” or “Super Conscious” who would rather go sit in a cave in the Himalayas than “conform with society”.

You’ve been lied to and totally misled! If any one of these above reasons has stopped you from exploring Tantra – you’re really missing out.

Tantra REALLY is for EVERYONE!

Tantra is the discovery of who you are at your core before the world told you how to be.

It’s the exploration of what makes you, you. It’s finding your own internal navigation system so that you can live your life on your terms. Tantra is a vehicle to connect you to your own vitality, your aliveness, waking you up from the mundane “routine” of life. It helps you to see “stuff” clearer, from a more whole person viewpoint.

Tantra will help you to find peacefulness in a chaotic world, grounding you in your own wellbeing. It will give you the tools to nourish yourself from within, aligning you to who you truly are. You will discover a freedom unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Your relationship will begin to transform around you, even if they do nothing. Your friends will start to notice something different about you, that you are more alive.

Yes, you will have better sex. But this isn’t through any kind of “technique” or “superpower”. This is through you showing up as you, connected to you, and sharing yourself from a whole place. And it is a LOT of fun.

Come and discover how Tantra can change the way you see yourself and the world, how others see you and break down any myths about Tantra. I predict you’ll be glad you came (no pun intended).

What you can expect to experience:
✓ Breakdown any myths about Tantra
✓ Find out how Tantra will benefit your life
✓ Learn how Tantra supports your vitality and feeling of aliveness
✓ Awaken to your own sexuality and the benefits
✓ Explore the masculine and feminine polarities in relationships
✓ Discover how you can improve your sex life
✓ Create greater harmony in your relationships

Tantra for Everyone is a FREE introductory course

It is perfect for those who are new to tantra or at the beginning of their spiritual journey. It can also be a great refresher for the times we “fall off the wagon” a little with our spiritual practice, and creates an opportunity for a gentle immersion back into regular practice.

The course includes guided meditations and practices, new insight and understandings and healthy reminders of why staying connected with and aware of self is so important for living a fulfilled life.