Tantra For Men – Online Course


Our new online course, Tantra for Men, provides a new way of looking at Sex and Intimacy in your Relationships. It offers tools that will make a difference to how you and your partner (or future partner) experience your connection.

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Sex and intimacy with your partner is meant to be easy and natural, isn’t it? That’s what they say! Then why is it so common to experience libido disparities with the one you love? Often relationships feels challenging, like there’s a loss of freedom or not enough sex or ongoing conflicts about nothing in particular. Single life is not all its cracked up to be either – difficulty approaching women, not knowing what to say and the loneliness that creeps in.

Maybe you’re wondering what you could do differently, how to relate and connect differently, how to have a new, deeper experience.

Tantra for Men provides you with everyday wisdom and practical tools to approach your sexual experiences and relationships in a whole new way. It brings a new level of awareness to how you engage with women and will support you to feel more aligned with who you are as a man.

So, sign up today, and take some time to sit down and absorb the potent lessons offered in this transformational course. Awaken your body to a life full of new possibilities, greater sexual energy and experiences, deeper connections and discovering how Tantra can make a significant difference to your life.

What you will learn:

  • What is Tantra? Breaking down myths and revealing the essence of Tantra
  • An understanding of Sexual energy as Life Force energy
  • The 5 Essential Keys to your Tantra journey
  • How to cultivate greater presence in every day
  • How to bring greater connection to the women you interact with
  • How to embody potent masculine energy
  • What masculine and feminine polarity is, and how it works
  • How to overcome the “nice guy” effect
  • Address the challenge of dating someone who turns out to be like your mother
  • The 4 levels of healing on which Tantra works
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Mental
    • Spiritual
  • At home practices that make a difference and that you can start today

Tantra for Men is an introductory course. It is perfect for those who are new to tantra or at the beginning of their spiritual journey. It can also be a great refresher for the times we “fall off the wagon” a little with our spiritual practice, and creates an opportunity for a gentle immersion back into regular practice. The course includes guided meditations and practices, new insight and understandings and healthy reminders of why staying connected with and aware of self is so important for living a fulfilled life.

This course is delivered in 4 modules. Each module includes video content for introducing and learning new concepts, audio guided practices and worksheets for self-inquiry. At completion of each module, the following module will be released, so that you can complete the course at your own pace and get familiar and comfortable with each module, before moving on to the next one.