Martina Hughes

Reignite Your Desire: A 2-day Workshop For Women

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Do you ever wonder why intimacy disappeared, and whether it’s possible to reignite? 

Are you curious about how to keep desire alive in a long term relationship? 

Would you like to connect with the part of you that longs to open up with a man? 

Reignite Your Desire is for every woman who has wondered why her desire disappears in a long term relationship. 

It’s also for the single woman who recognizes the longer she is single, the less desire she feels. 

For many women, desire was there, and then it just somehow disappeared. 

There are many things that get in the way of desire: pursuing your career, raising a family, running a house, having a social life, and hormonal changes. 

At the end of the day, it often feels impossible to recreate your intimate life and so it just gets put at the end of a long list of priorities. 

We often assume that it’s natural to lose our desire with age or when in a long term relationship. 

However this isn’t my experience, there is another way for our love and intimate relationships to be, and you can have this too.

Our desire is innately connected to our feelings, in our world this is often shut down, by both men and other women. Our feeling sense is inherently connected to our wellbeing, vitality and aliveness. 

Feeling pleasure and sensuality is an essential part of our feminine nature, when this is not nourished within us, life will begin to feel dull, dry, and boring. 

This leads to a woman feeling empty and as though she has nothing left to give - to herself or to her current or future partner. 

Intimacy then becomes a chore and in these times, life can also feel like a chore. 

We begin living from a place of trying to get something from the outside world. If only I succeed enough, I will feel worthy. If only my kids are successful I will feel worthy. If only my house is beautiful and perfect, I will feel worthy. 

The real answer lies within. It’s our connection to our bodies, to our pleasure and sensuality that fills us up more than anything on the outside ever can or will. 

During this 2 day workshop, you will learn: 

  • 5 keys to feminine embodiment
  • How to access your desire
  • Why pleasure is essential for your wellbeing
  • How to inspire your current or future partner 
  • Ways to unravel the tension inside of us that causes disconnect
  • How to stay nourished and vital
  • Ways to love and value your feelings 
  • Expression of your feelings in relationship
  • Excavating the tension that blocks intimacy 
  • What sexual intimacy means to a man

Rod and I are passionate about supporting women to create the quality of relationships they long for. We believe in growth and transformation through love and intimacy. In our workshop spaces women are encouraged to discover the parts of themselves that have been previously denied, to come into the full expression of love and beauty that wants to move through your body. 


This 2 day workshop will be held in Melbourne on the 15th and 16th October from 10:30am to 5:30pm each. 



Melbourne, VIC:

Prana House, 1/885 High Street, Thornbury.



$645 per person.