Almost a year ago at Satori I made a prayer to release the ways control shows up in my life. After almost a year of my life being regularly turned upside down and inside out I can see what a bold move that prayer was…

Anytime I attempt to hold onto anything life does a quick and unexpected reshuffle… The lessons in uncertainty keep coming thick and fast. Sometimes I surrender gracefully and sometimes I fight.

So yes, the control is still working it’s way through my body and psyche. Loving myself through the grace and the fight. Sometimes questioning how much more life is going to ask of me.

All I know is I don’t know anything. And then I breathe the surrender through my body and let go again. My centre and self-trust and self-love expands with each and every challenge. I know my prayer was received by the divine - loud and clear.

And so I take this surrender, this not knowing, this grace and this deep trust in the divine into ‘The Pleasure Intensive’ retreat this weekend.

Maybe this year at Satori I can make a prayer for a gentle year in 2015!