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Sacred Dance - A Party Online

Do you know how to listen to the calling of your body?

Do you make time to free your body of habitual tension and stagnant energy that often resides below your level of awareness?

Do you feel frayed, scattered, or overstretched on a daily basis?

Often, without knowing, we can be running on nervous energy, anxiety and missing what our body most wants us to know.

I understand!

I have certainly felt all of these experiences and more! I have pushed myself, run on adrenaline and nervous energy, and missed the cues of my body.

Each and every one of our bodies has an innate and natural intelligence. It can provide us with everything we need to know and feel. To learn this sacred art is one of the most potent and beautiful gifts we can offer ourselves and our intimate partners.

Every day now I create space to move my body, to feel into my pelvis, hips, shoulders, my neck, and jaw – tension often builds silently and slowly going largely unnoticed in these areas until all of a sudden there is tightness, tension, and overwhelm in these areas.

Tension can accumulate just from being in traffic, spending long hours sitting down, looking after children, having difficult and challenging conversations or simply moving too fast, heavily focused on our tasks and too busy to notice what’s happening in our bodies.

This is where the art of embodiment comes into its power.

Being embodied means that you feel and hear the messages of your body.

Being embodied allows your radiance to be seen, the vibrant energy of love and connection to be felt so deeply that others see and notice this, without you saying or doing anything.

Our bodies are designed to move, to feel, to express. Today’s busy lifestyles leave a distance between our bodies and our bodies’ deep wisdom.

Consistent sacred movement practices give you the opportunity to attune to your body’s wisdom. To feel what your body wants you to know, to move stagnant energies, and to be more fully embodied throughout daily life.

Sacred Dancing, or movement practice, is one of the most natural things we can do, and yet it can feel super awkward and uncomfortable for many people.

What I love to explore through movement and dancing, is being ALL of me.

It means I get to be free to simply feel, to express in goofy and awkward ways, and to give my body full permission to express.

To move without censoring or filtering through the mind’s lens of what “looks good”.

Sometimes it will look beautiful and sensual, other times it will look random and unexpected, but overall it’s about celebrating the expression of my body. And feeling the aliveness, fun, and joy that brings to my everyday.

I feel the most alive when I follow the flow of my body, when I tune into how my body wants to express itself.

I have noticed after Sacred Dance - A Party Online there is a sense of connection, aliveness, freedom, release, and love that flows throughout the group.

Why Sacred Dance - A Party Online?
This event was inspired by the Victorian lockdown during 2020. It’s a way of connecting and bringing people together, and opening to the experience of Sacred Dancing together, and in our own homes.

Will people watch me dancing?
You can choose - you can dance in front of your video camera, or you can dance away from it and enjoy your privacy.

How is it different from just dancing on my own without Zoom?
Intention is a potent part of the subtle art of Sacred Dance.

Throughout my years as a facilitator, I have noticed the power of group experiences is far greater than a solo or paired experience. Plus you get to enjoy being part of a community.

And share the joy of knowing that others are moving their bodies to the same music as you, whilst having their own experience of how that feels in their body.

The shared experience of community and connection adds so much value to all our lives.

What if I am bad at dancing?
Whether you are good or bad or somewhere in between, you are very welcome.

The most important thing is your willingness to explore how you feel and allow that to move through your body. Conditioned and habitual ideas of dance can get in the way of experiencing freedom in your body.

What if I don’t like the music you play?
It’s a great opportunity to experiment with how your body desires to express itself when it doesn’t like the music. It may even highlight what happens in your body when something is present in life that you don’t like.

What music will you play?
A variety of music – pop, rock, classics, hip hop, world music.

What else do I need to know?
Have a good set of speakers or wireless earbuds so that you can dance freely in your space.

How much does it cost?
You can pay as much or as little as you like. This event is for a charity - attendance is via a donation to Hands with Hands, supporting children’s homes in Nepal.

Make your donation here and we’ll email you information on how to participate.

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