Our romantic notions of love, the romantic comedies, and the romance novels all seem to convince us that love is beautiful, graceful and just happens easily.

And in my experience this creates feelings of constant disappointment and feelings of being let down by life and by love.

But what if welcomed the disappointment as a teacher?

Some of the greatest challenges I have experienced in love have been my greatest learnings.

Love is calling us home. To ourselves, to know who we are, and to allow ourselves to be lived by the deepest expression of that love.

Coming to know myself more deeply has arisen through knowing that at times love is clumsy, awkward and messy. (more about this in the next post)

If I think that love is blissful and perfect, there’s no space for my humanity or for the humanity of those I love.

To Love fully means knowing that our humanity includes all - the beautiful and the messy, the graceful and the clumsy, the chaotic and the organised. Love means - everything belongs