Tantric Blossoming

Dedicated to empowering you to live your most authentic life. We create experiences that allow you to feel,  strip back the layers of conditioning, release past hurts and traumas and get to know who you really are.

Thank you for your interest in Tantric Blossoming! We have recently rebranded and so you have arrived here, at MartinaHughes.com


I created Tantric Blossoming in 2005, offering private sessions, workshops and retreats to men and women in Sydney and Melbourne. Over the last 15 years, these experiences have grown and evolved, and extended to a global audience, all under the Tantric Blossoming brand.

In the beginning, when I started Tantric Blossoming, there were very few people working with Tantra in Australia. However, since then, the market has grown considerably. There are now many teachers and facilitators offering a wide range of experiences in the name of Tantra, (including Classical Tantra and Neo-Tantra*).

*Classical Tantra uses spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting, mantras that support one’s journey towards liberation, whereas the focus of Neo-Tantra is about improving relationships and sexual experiences.

This has become confusing for those who want to explore Tantric practice, as the essence of Tantra has been reshaped into such a variety of forms and expressions.

The heart of my work has always been on supporting you to:
- Cultivate a deeper connection to self
- Grow your embodied experience of love and consciousness across all areas of your life and;
- Have tools and wisdom that will enhance your sexuality and relationships

So that this focus is potent and clear to the people I work with, I have made the decision to move away from the confusion that now exists within the Tantra world.

You can now find all things Love, Intimacy and Relationship with Martina Hughes, here, through our new site. I am so excited you’re here!

With Love



If you have any questions about this transition, please be in touch via the Contact Us page.

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