This Man is a Rockstar!

This man is a rockstar! Rod Gordon thank you for being part of my life.

I first met him almost 2 years ago. He came to Tantric Nights, men’s workshop, men’s retreat and then signed up for training.

The same week he signed up for training he asked me out on our first date. A bold move. And that’s one of the many things I love about him – his capacity for boldness.

A strong woman needs a man willing to be bold, to have the capacity to lead her, to hold space and stay present through the madness, the vulnerability, the passion and the times when she simply needs to unravel. (On the flip side, we women need to be willing to go there – to invite him in .. but that’s a post for another day).

Rod does all of this for me and more!

It’s difficult to put into words the depth of love, presence and transformation that continues to flourish between us. It’s intangible yet others see it and feel it in the connection between us. I feel myself transforming the deeper we go into relationship.

Last night as we were talking, I was sharing with him about how much fun I have in my own journeys of self discovery and transformation – that even when I am breaking in two, there’s a part of me always loving it.

And I wonder why others don’t experience fun in their unraveling. Rod told me “You’re a weirdo like that, and so am I. It’s part of what I love about you but it’s not that way for everyone.”

Deep transformation is part of who I am – it’s in my bones. So I am grateful for this man who is willing to go there, to go all the way into transformation for himself, with me and with others. And to be able to laugh and love ourselves and each other’s weirdness even in moments of intensity.

There’s so much goodness in this man. So much I could say about the reasons why I love him and how delighted I am to be sharing this journey with him. But some days words are insufficient. Maybe you can take a look at my face and feel what moves in me.

Rod – thank you for everything we share, for making me laugh more than I have ever laughed before and reminding me of more of who I am.

For any men reading this right now.. Rod is offering an amazing 1 year program for men – Embodied Man starting in a few weeks. I highly recommend it. And if you are not ready to sign up for a whole year, try his 3 month starter option.

With Love,