Intimacy Coaching

Martina Hughes and Rod Gordon, Australia’s leading relationship and intimacy experts, are dedicated to empowering you to transform your world now. This is a rare opportunity, for singles and couples, to awaken to what is truly possible in the art of relationship.

Prior to meeting Rod, I had often wondered if there was a secret formula to relationship and I had missed out on getting it.

There were times in my life where I felt like my heart was being torn in half; that I wasn’t good enough or I wasn’t meant to have the kind of happiness that I saw other people experiencing.

Relationships felt like such a struggle, and yet, I could feel my strong desire; an intuitive longing for that mysterious “something more”.

Through my inner journey I began the preparation for a relationship, taking time to discover and embody my fullness and expression, reclaiming my feminine essence and creating space for a masculine man to enter my life.

As Rod and I committed to our relationship, aspects that I had not yet explored flushed to the surface creating deeper healing and even more profound transformation.

Would you like to experience a relationship where inspiration, nourishment, and healing are all part of your everyday experience?

It was a dream of mine for a long time, and now, it’s a reality.

Breaking through relationship struggles and challenges together is at the heart of why Rod and I are so passionate about empowering people just like you, to create a whole new quality of intimate relationship.


a new quality of relationship 


to sensual & sexual embodiment


practical applications for everyday


in self & in relationship


masculine & feminine qualities 


feelings, needs & desires


love, presence & devotion


from past relationships & trauma


transformation in all relationships

Growing your awareness and sensitivity profoundly changes your intimate relationships.

It all starts with being willing to know yourself.

What Is Intimacy Coaching?

Rod and I offer elite level coaching, education and empowerment, for singles and couples, to transform your current and future relationship experiences.

It requires your willingness to change, to be self-reflective and to commit to practices that will change your life.

We offer grounded, present and practical guidance to realise your dreams.

It is an opportunity to dive deep and explore what is truly possible in your life.

Intimacy Coaching is about knowing yourself so deeply that you become more available for a nourishing and inspiring relationship.

Whether that is with your current or future partner. Each person, through in-depth coaching, dedicated inquiry and committed practices will have the opportunity to feel, know and embody the depths of intimacy - both from a solo perspective and a relationship perspective. 

Intimacy Coaching is for:

• People who are deeply curious about cultivating a beautiful life

• People who are hungry to explore what is possible through intimacy

• People who are tired of repeating the patterns of the past

• People who feel that sexual intimacy has more to offer

• People who are ready to dive more deeply into relationships

Intimacy Coaching is NOT for:

• People who blame their partner for what is not working

• People who are unwilling to self-investigate

• People who are looking for quick & easy techniques

• People who want a practitioner to solve their problems

• People who are looking for sexual gratification

What to Expect?

• Coaching sessions are offered in packages of 12 sessions, which can be taken over 3 months or 6 months. 

• Each session is held on Zoom and lasts for 75 minutes.

• After each session you will receive a recording of your session with practices to be done in between sessions.

• Email support is available between sessions.

We are dedicated to empowering you to transform.

Are you willing to deepen into what is truly possible in the art of relationship?

Free Clarity Call

If you are curious about what this journey can bring to your life, apply for a complimentary 20 minute Clarity Call with Martina now.

A Clarity Call is an opportunity for you:

• To review where you are currently in your life

• Where you would like to be

• The steps to making that happen

• Whether Intimacy Coaching will benefit you

• To determine the practitioner best suited to you (either Martina or Rod)

Apply For A Clarity Call

Previous Client's Experiences...

Shelley, GEELONG.

"My Intimacy Coaching sessions with Martina are the best investment I have ever made.

Martina has supported me to open my heart and truth be told, our sessions are the only time I really feel seen and heard.

Martina’s capacity to truly listen and hold space for me is a real gift. I have benefited greatly from the many beautiful and sacred practices Martina has shared with me and I have had so many revelations and aha moments.

Martina has helped me to connect with my femininity and I feel like a different woman. I am excited and confident to see how my future love relationships unfold.

Thank you Martina, I am so grateful for you."

Rebekah, USA.

"I appreciated Martina’s demeanor and how incredible she seemed to be at listening.

She never made me feel ashamed or like I had catching up to do.

Much of our work centered around movement. The exercises were challenging at first, though in time, became easier and I experienced fleeting moments of bliss—where my mind was quiet and my interaction with the world felt direct and unhindered by the commentary in my head.

A sense of peace seemed achievable and so did deeper connection with my partner."


Exclusive Retreats

Each year we offer a small number of customised, exclusive retreats for individuals or couples.

These experiences are for those who desire intense and personalised attention to realise their intentions.

Retreats can be held at South West Rocks (where we live) or anywhere in Australia or overseas (depending on travel availability).

If you are interested in this style of journey, please contact us to discuss in more detail.  

Contact Martina