What Is Intimacy Oasis?

Intimacy Oasis is your personal online learning portal.

It is a space for fertile possibilities, for both singles and couples.

A space for bringing together the sacred and the mundane of committed relationships (with yourself and with your partner), allowing you to create something truly profound.

Intimacy Oasis is an opportunity for you to redefine what your experience of intimacy is, and to discover the connection, love and possibilities that are available for you.

A space of lush and fertile opportunities for transformation, healing and awakening.

Come with us on this journey, allow us to guide you on your path of becoming, as we empower you to create relationships that are long lasting, nourishing, and inspiring.

Intimacy Oasis is currently evolving and will be available in 2022!

You will have 24/7 access to:

• Online courses
• Practical resources
• Live sessions with Martina & Rod
• Encouraging community

 & much, much more!

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